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Janice Wong aka Yee Mei. Prefer people calling her Janice 😉
Taurus baby. 17th May.
Speaks hakka.
Two piercings on my left ear.
Had braces at 15.
Secretly heart my nose!
Left-sided face looks way better than right.
Always having trouble in sleeping.
Quit facebook.
Nikon D5000.
DKNY Be delicious – Blossom.
Monash University. Bachelor of business pffft.
Believe dreams do bring some sort of sign and signals.
I don’t wear watch.
Seventeen is always my number.
Loves painting toe nails.
Loves flight meals.
Loves egg, but not york.
Loves photography.
Loves pink. lol.
Loves flat shoes.
Loves showering in the morning.
Loves travelling.
Loves guys who smells good.
Loves tom yam.
Will never get bored in Japanese food.
I remember what you wore on the first day.
Craving for vanilla and strawberry ice cream.
Craving for SushiZanmai when I’m stressed.
I don’t like pork.
I cry too easily.
I can cry like the pipe water.
But I don’t like to cry, it will just make me feel worse.
Because I am all alone.
So I heart people who can make me laugh. Real laugh. =)
I bite my lips when i’m nervous.
I still keep the hand-written diaries.
There is a place or should i say restaurant which i never allowed the third party to go with me. But I can only go alone now.
Didn’t know how to swim until I was 18.
Am running a small business now.
Am not good at handling relationship matters.
So i always suffer in this. wth.
I don’t collect dolls or soft toys.
Me and one of my cousin sister are having the same birth DATE, but she is one year older lol.
People say i smile all the time.
I am sarcastic.

I put hidden messages in my blog.
But I’m straight-forward, sometimes.
I forgive but I never forget.
Each time I say I love you, i really mean it.
Speak to myself every night before I sleep, and every morning when I first open my eyes.
Which makes me think I am abnormal.
Believe in astrology.
Used to make wishes under the MOON. wth.
I must look at the keyboard while I am typing.
I always have ‘WHY’ in my mind.
Why is it like this? Why is it like that?
Why couldn’t I make things right?
Why is ’something’ so damn irreplaceable?
Believes in soul mates.
I dream and hope too much.
Thinks that neck is the sexiest part of human body.

Used to have another secret blog.
Mr Bean makes me laugh.
Good in drinking wine but not beer.

I have more than 1 of MSN account.
Sometimes believe in miracle, sometimes don’t.
Don’t really like chocolate that much.
I’m racist. hahahaha.

But I can pretend very well.
Cuppacino with caramel syrup is a must in Starbucks.
I eat more than you can imagine.
Loves to smell my hair. wth. haha.
Can’t sleep without my own pillow.
Can’t drive without music.
I sleep very early which make the others say i’m crazy.
My family members read my blog.
I can laugh for no reason. hahaha.
Eating makes me feel good.
Family is my priority.
Must drink chicken essence before sitting for an exam.